My very First blog post

Hello fellow bloggers,

My name is Haile Lagi,I’m 18 and I’m half Ethiopian and half Nigerian,I’m currently taking a gap year and have graduated from high school. I started this blog to share my random and also not so random thoughts with other bloggers and everyone else really about my recent interests in poetry,short stories and generally all sorts of fiction. As I go on, I’ll somehow simultaneously try and balance newer topics like philosophy and all manner of geeky science which I’m really passionate about, and somehow also tie this in as a social and lifestyle blog.

Yes I know these are radically different spheres of thought, but I’m passionate about all of them and I think I may somehow be able to create a Frankenstein’s monster of my interests and share them with the world.

(rather odd and inconsistent analogy i know)

Well we’ll see.

All the best,


Haile Lagi


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