Welcome fellow timetravelling ghosts

So this is my first actual blog post really,the first was basically an introduction into what the blogs future posts would look like and just an overall hello, to you the estranged reader i know nothing about, well you’re probably gonna get to know me alot better if you stick around and also my opinions on this and that, and such and such. But before we get into my obscure, and unnecessarily analytical poetry,or even my wierd obsessions with the strangest little things,or even my peculiar interests in what I consider at least to be in significantly different social and even intellectual worlds. Let’s talk (or rather let me type and you read,well the comments are open for discussion at a later time…Does it feel like I’m getting side tracked? My mind does that alot,note to self delete your self ranting later),ah a better phrase ‘let’s get into it’,always comes to me later on,anyway,what does it mean to timetravel? Well we can always go with the politically (also factually) correct answer of space-time and all the wonderfully complex physics and mathematics of special relativity but no, I won’t take you there, not because special relativity isn’t awesome and really wonderful… It’s kinda well..boring,relatively speaking of course. See what I did there? I am such a nerd. 

I’m going to talk about timetravelling in a pseudo-factual manner, if alot of my words don’t make sense, It’s because I’m trying my hardest to express myself as honestly as possible and sometimes you just gotta make up words (that aren’t really made up,they just feel that way), timetravelling for all pseudo-factual reasons caused by the fictional nature(not really, but kinda) of this blog,is to be defined as the ability to transcend history and to visit events(not places,go away special relativity), as seamlessly as the mind allows it,and this timetravel isn’t limited to movement in a theoretical or rather imaginary moments it can be anything, it’s the limit of the creative madness that is the human mind. In essence, to timetravel is to think, and think as far as you can push that big ol neo-cortex of yours. 

So big whoop right? Why go through all that trouble,all that convulsion to simply say a half of a name is to think, well it’s significantly more complicated than that,as I created the meaning of this phrase and subsequently all meaning ascribed to it, essentially giving it it’s own life(muaha it’s alive,It’s alive), the phrase is my own and within is contained an infinitely large number of concepts, strange?  Well we’ll get into all that fun mathematics when I’ve reeled you in with light hearted subjects like rainbows, or kittens. I know, I know I’m a monster. But for all I’ve said we’ve (more me alone rather than you, you’re just here for the free timetravel trip), we’ve only established a resemblance of one part of this phrase. What about the ghost? 

Well now,what’s writing if not mystery? I’ll explain and go into more on this lovely topic of origins(side note:how did i ever coin this phrase? I’m secretly a pokémon)

 Until my next post, you can always hear from me in the comments( and for crying out loud share this with all your friends, It’s a blog not a love letter) 


Haile Lagi


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