Content content content!!!(My paradox of reach)

DISCLAIMER :This is gonna be a long post,I’m up at and I haven’t slept a wink. But I find my writing best comes to me when it comes.

So,I started this blog a few days ago and I was super excited, but eventually I started getting feedback here and there about one significant thing. What’s your blog about?, then I started hearing it again and again. 

Excluding the possibilities that I introduced the contents in my first blog and no one understood it,and that my site’s (more like wordpress’ really, but whatever) design is really terrible and hard to navigate,and/or I just suck at writing eloquently,or even because I don’t actually have an ‘audience’. It’s something much more distasteful that’s been bothering me about the content of my blog.

I’m second guessing the content. I’m second guessing my content. 

Precisely,for a reason,topics such as: Philosophy, science, poetry and fiction aren’t especially prevalent in Nigerian popular youth culture. I’m starting to think, If anything they’re nothing short of non-existent outside relatively small circles. Now, I’d like to add that this is simply an opinion, I have neither the resources nor the opportunity to conduct any sort of scientific study or make a stastical report,and the maddening incompetence of any sort of up to date statistical data about anything really is something I find horrific, I’m sorry if this looks like idle complaining on my part but things as they are, it’s completely irrational, alas there’s not to be done(perhaps this might exist but I haven’t found anything of the sort in my many,many google searches),but from my limited experience and that of my peers, I can only infer this. Frankly,most successful blogs are usually geared towards a ‘tech geek’ audience,focus on mainstream entertainment,gossip,lifestyle etc and finally the fashion /beauty tips/gossip girl. 

Now I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with these topics or anything, (I casually enjoy some from time to time especially the techie stuff),and it may sound sort of misplaced to judge people’s choice of material to consume,but,It’s just that, Any sort of intellectual place of thought is dead.

…I have no audience,probably.

 Now,the reasons for the lack of interest in intellectual discussion is not as simple as you might think,whether you’re a Nigerian reading this or not,socioeconomic factors are a major obstacle to overcome, not to mention the already existing status quo,ignorance, a recession, an education system that’s barely functioning,biases,a closed minded culture etc. It goes on and on, the reasons I’m sure I’ve barely touched on, it’s not simply realistic to create an environment for people to genuinely learn anything about anything. Mostly everyone who goes to school,mostly just want a good job and an easy life,not because they don’t have genuine interests and passions but because the system doesn’t allow it. Even if they do somehow persist, the difficulties and bureaucracy of the system crush those dreams. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not all bad,some true bright gems are out there that shine no matter what,and not everyone gets the short end of the stick. But what about everyone else? The system is so broken. And what’s worse? Barely anyone wants to fix it.

Now away from the rather heavy topics I’ve been brushing through,and back to what I was saying, I’m going to make an odd reference to the show ‘silicon valley’ which has really stuck with me, but first some context, a random weird techie guy, that’s basically a loser(hate that term),develops an awesome algorithm and all of a sudden he’s thrust into this world of ceos and tech companies and what not. Now, somewhere along the line,he encounters some major roadblock on his journey and his friend told him something along the lines of pivot,pivot,pivot. Now i don’t exactly remember the phrase he used, but what it meant struck a chord deep inside me,essentially he was saying if you’re product isn’t awesome then evolve it into something else that works,if not, keep at it until it works. Now the purpose of this story is to share with you what’s going on in my head, but how exactly do I pivot this blog?

I can’t  exactly just up and do what the mainstream audience wants,I don’t want to write about stuff like that,I have no passion for it,and without that passion,my blog would wither and die because I’d hate myself for writing things that aren’t honest or me. Now before we get back to pivoting, you might be wondering (or not) why would I even want that large of an audience, or why not just give up on the blogging thing. Firstly, I cant give up, because I don’t want to.

Blogging is a great way to get alotta things off my mind and It really engages me positively, but most importantly,it’s a way to get ideas out there,whether they are my ideas or your ideas. Ideas, thoughts are one of the most powerful things in this world (imo), to quote v for vendetta, one of my favorite anti-heroes(simply because he quotes great literature, is a revolutionary,shares the same favorite movie with me,but really it’s his awesome mask) anyway, the quote; 

And this is my purpose to change what is, or at the very least try to. And how exactly is that supposed to happen with the blog of an 18 year old? Or even what it is that I wish to change??? Well there’s alot,but I’m not sure exactly what, but I do know, I want to engage people into intellectual conversation,and not just the uppity do dah cliché intellectual either, anyone and everyone who has a rational thought should have a voice, the world maybe unfair and irrational but we don’t have to be, not if we can help it.

And so we return,the reality is my blog is virtually non-existent, without publicity or any sort of mass-communication scheme, even then if I had such a thing could I truly create what I envision?  Perhaps not. But even then probability is just that,probably. So, we’re here again, pivoting? I will pivot, but I won’t change my goal or my core content, but perhaps everything else?  I don’t know, the comments are open and anonymous if you wish, Let me know what you think. As always, all the best.


Haile Lagi


2 thoughts on “Content content content!!!(My paradox of reach)

  1. Ene says:

    Somehow everyone surfs the internet to satisfy interests, at least I do. Philosophy and science and literature are all intellectual indulgences majority of our population aren’t brought up to view outside the scope of an education for a job for sustenance. Not as a hobby or something one could truly care to spend leisure time on (Sadly this is the case). Maybe you could write on things that would interest the your primary audience in the way you want to write it. Lol and maybe you could ease up on your grammatical eloquence. English no matter how very present it is in out society is still basically understood by the majority in simplicity.

    Liked by 1 person

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