Sometimes even ghosts have to take a little break…. ;)

So its been about two months since anyone heard anything about my blog site, in my last blog I mentioned I’d be making a few changes to the site’s content and design as well as tweaking things here and there.

Well I have a confession to make, I kinda sorta used waaayyy more time than I ever intended doing that, because apparently the life for this ghost, got pretty damn busy in the most unexpected of ways really quickly. The last two months have been for me a time management nightmare I could not fix except by dropping all non-essential personnel involved : my blog,my programming sessions, my book(sshhh its a super duper secret), my books, basically all of my projects had to be dropped temporarily to focus on what was in front of me.

I won’t really get into details but after everything I was just kinda feeling drained and low on motivation to do anything. I needed a break. And well what do you know I got it. All 7 days of it. And I just wanna say sorry and thank you for being patient with me. My blog is kicking off its official start with a few changes like the homepage which I hope is a better introduction than just listing all of my blog’s content on the homepage.

Another change is probably the name I’m cutting the ‘time’ its just ‘atravellingghost’ now, eventually when I can afford the redirect function I’ll change the website address.

Content is getting better too, I’m cleaning up my language and writing style, content is going to get updated on Saturdays of every week except for ‘specials’ which can appear at random times. yay more articles 🙂

These are the major changes, there a a little few things here and there, but I suppose one thing I couldn’t part with is the overall website look. I just love the design. Anyway Atravellingghost is back online and as always any contributions are welcome.

All the best,

A travelling ghost

Haile Lagi


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