The Ghost of Christmas Post

Hey everyone,

In case you haven’t noticed and have somehow being in a coma and just woke up at the exact time your browser opened up this blog, its CHRISTMAS!!!!!! so merry Christmas. This is a Holiday Special article that’s seriously on a not so serious note.


Quite recently, I’ve found myself in these brief sedated states where I simply stare and my mind seems to wander, not to anywhere in particular actually, I just feel calm and present, my thoughts seem to vanish and I just feel tranquil. And in these rare moments where my mind’s at peace and NOT thinking of how to solve some problem, worrying about school, figuring out my social relationships, worrying about my future, finding the best way to handle some logistical issue that pops outta nowhere, or trying to understand some supposedly easy concept in python:


-How the heck does this work in 3.5???

Or a million billion things that apparently have to just stress me out, I remember the things long gone, the moments past, the forgotten memories, the forgotten people. We tend to forget all too often about this transition from future to present, present to past  and past to a deep dark hole we call the subconscious.

Now, before we get ahead of ourselves, this isn’t an article about how death is inevitable, gloom, death and despair onto the world, nor is it a salute to the Carpe Diem national anthem or one of those finger wagging cautionary tales about life or even one of those moment of clarity epiphanies you just HAVE to share with the world. Relax, 😉


This is a post about Christmas, more specifically about the ghosts of Christmas, the people, you,me and everyone else really. It’s about everyone we forgot, everyone we know, and everyone we’ll get to know. It’s a post about that moment where you see everything and everyone around you and you’re grateful.

Incase you haven’t noticed, life isn’t mangoes and peaches, it sucks… like really, really, REALLY sucks. I could go on and on about angst and absurdity, but I won’t. Because inasmuch as real life is real, it has its moments, however brief, however stolen.

And it’s in these things, the little things that we or I at least see the light, however surrounded by an infinite darkness. Make a mental list of little things and be grateful for them, whether to a ‘higher power’,santa claus, your loved ones or even to yourself. Heck if you like you could thank me, and add to my ever growing  conceit. (Muhahaahaha my power is growing with every post, Fear me peasants!)4411aa3d0a35c1e19121275e0eda757e

So, enjoy the holidays, or not, be grateful, or not, enjoy the little things, or not. Life after all in my philosophy has granted you the greatest gift… Choice.

Well, however limited and complex that choice is, not to mention the factors that influence and greatly oppose that will, it’s still free will.

Merry Christmas,


Haile Lagi



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