Ironic Ghost(s) and a Wishful Death

A dry sarcastic tone, villains appearance of three,

they fall into an echo of soft bleeding voices.

The choir sang, fading the old preacher said,

A blasphemy of five verses.

Into a quieter sleep he would never prophesize.

Beneath as he laid, the third villain slain.

The ghost enters, a moment of awe and wanderlust,

Two villains remain,

His lover solitude, a kiss of passionate warmth

A blade to her temple…

Slain a beautiful witch lay bare.

The price of misguided youth.

Misery all the ghost ever truly found,

A part of him, forgotten.

Murder he murdered, hesitation or regret without.

A mad man searching after shadows and ghosts.

Three demons, three villains the price must be paid,

Torture and misplaced vengeance,

Misery suffered the most.

The ghost reveals five verses of blasphemy,

Not one did reveal, but three times deceived.

two verses promised, two verses owed.

The irony of ghosts and wishful deaths.


-Haile Lagi


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