Lazy ghosts and Lying Calculators

I suppose we’re gonna start this post off with a deliberate ignorance of the absence of a post last week saturday, I’ve been apologizing on my blog for far too much and I suppose my transgressions are reaching the limit of patience. Unfortunately my tardiness is a demon I am yet to slay, so uhm sorry? again. I’m really trying. Anyway onto the post.

There’s simply not enough hours in a day, Ever have that feeling? like somehow 24 hours seem like 6, or 8 or simply “not enough”. The persistence of a seemingly never ending stream of tasks, methodically arranging and solving in order of importance, figuring out solutions to a flood of unique problems, it gives a strange appreciation of how the mind organizes the tiniest tasks to the largest ones.

I’m almost never on time for things, not on purpose mind you, I dislike being tardy, it’s just there’s ALWAYS one more thing to do. Okay, I’m not being completely honest, I’m lazily efficient, I always try to maximise results and minimise effort and resources spent. I’m NOT a believer in hard work in its traditional sense, or in a work ethic. I find that being lazily efficient works best, anything else is wasteful in my opinion and I rarely indulge. Coupled with my lazy efficiency is a certain nonsensical pride in me which hates to wait for anything, I’m essentially a spoilt child that wasn’t spoilt. So what does any of this have to do with anything? It shows how easily we or at least I can get lost in the details of anything I put my mind to.

See it this way, by try to acquire the best results in EVERY situation you end up with a lose-lose scenario but by trying to prioritize them in order you still lose. Unfortunately, we are given a limited amount of resources(time,energy,money etc ) to spend on solving our problems whatever they may be. But our problems often cost more than we own. So we attend to the most perceivably important problems and work our way down, hoping someday to exhaust that seemingly infinite list. This is an illusion, a dog chasing its own tail if you may. Why? because you’re not seeing the big picture. The problem is not the problem, It’s the ability to solve it. Here is where for a long time I’ve missed the concept of growth, of change,adaptation…evolution.

Evolution is basic in humans, we evolve or crumble into dust. By always and consistently growing and changing with the type and quantity of problems,acquiring new skills, and developing new ideas, we finally see that it’s not the challenge before us that really matters in achieving our goals, it’s us, our fear,inadequacy and complacency to subject ourselves to this type of change that limits. But then I suppose a consequential question of this conclusion is can we evolve to such a point? Isn’t it another “dog chasing its tail” by tending towards perfection? This is a question for another post, the comments or something you may choose to find an answer to yourself. Growth is by no means an easy feat, but even then knowing your enemy is half the battle, and knowing yourself is winning it.

(Images are lacking….I know, I know bear with me)


-Haile Lagi


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